Tilt of smartphone for take a picture!
 pop is Simplest, Safest and Fastest.
 When you take a pictures,
 you can only one hand

The product version is coming soon!
It is a provisional site.


pop camera 'Selfie 2.0' doesn't need to press
the shutter button on the screen.
You can take a picture just by tilting.


Hold then tilt. No more drop the device.
You do not have to press
the shutter button anymore.


3 seconds or less.
That's all it takes for you
to find the subject and take a pictures.

About uS

Company name: pop inc.   (Japanese)
Add: 6-23-8, Shinakawa Mitaka-city Tokyo Japan, Earth
Founder: Nori Kamiyama (Linkedin)
Establishment: August 2018

  • •License business of patents to overseas
  • •IT business development and consulting
  • •Digital Contents development and distribution
  • •Development of program and semiconductor

Patent holding:
Int'l: PCT/JP2017/036536 SMARTPHONE